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By W. Hughes

Studying Stoker as a player in Victorian and Edwardian cultural existence, this publication examines the breadth of Stoker's novel size fiction, in addition to his journalism, biographical writings and brief fiction. Its considers questions of faith, censorship, gender and drugs, making it compatible for readers of the Gothic and people concerned with the examine of Victorian and Edwardian tradition.

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The comparative obscurity of the tale's moral message is a consequence also of its plot being grounded not in an immediately recognisable biblical paradigm, but in scenes drawn at least in part from the thenunpublished reminiscences of the author's mother. 25 Belford's coda epitomises how modern criticism has viewed Under the Sunset, regarding the collection as a series of narratives whose significance rests merely in their foreshadowing of the imagery of Stoker's later works - particularly Dracula - rather than as texts in their own right.

6:14-17) - which is arguably adopted by both David and Zaphir. Prepared in such a way, Zaphir like David may consider that 'if the victory came to him it was not because his arm was strong or his heart brave, but that because it was willed by the One that rules the universe' (UTS 36). com - licensed to Universitetsbiblioteket i Tromso - PalgraveConnect - 2011-03-15 The glittering armour looked like the work of man's hands - as it was, and the work of the hands of good true men; but the beautiful boy kneeling in trust and faith was the work of the hands of God.

In allegorical terms, to recognise the ridiculous and superficial in others is the first step towards preventing the development of similar vanities in the self. com - licensed to Universitetsbiblioteket i Tromso - PalgraveConnect - 2011-03-15 Theology, Morality and Popular Fiction 21 This was a theme to which Stoker was to return in his later fiction for adults. For example, Arthur Markam, a wealthy cockney shopkeeper, aspires to a Scottish identity and mode of dress in Stoker's 1894 short story, 'Crooken Sands'.

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