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By Warren W. Wiersbe

God's humans have been by no means intended to mixture in. as a substitute, we are known as to stick out from the group, and develop into a beacon of desire. yet not anything dims our gentle greater than conformity, whilst voices that when proclaimed fact start to quietly yield to a loud global. in response to the books of two Kings and a couple of Chronicles, this learn bargains an eye-opening examine the excessive rate of conformity, and stocks how we will remain special from the environment.

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As you have read the Old Testament, you may have noticed how many times the Lord warned the Israelites not to conform to the lifestyles of the pagan nations around them. Yet tragically, time and time again we read about their compromise. But God is always faithful to keep His promise. These are the twin themes, the Big Ideas, of 2 Kings and 2 Chronicles. For example, in 2 Kings we witness the severity of God’s discipline for compromise as He allows Israel (the northern kingdom) to be conquered by the Assyrians, and 150 years later Judah (the southern kingdom) falls to the Babylonians.

Dr. Wiersbe’s commentaries have been a source of guidance and strength to me over the many years that I have been a pastor. His unique style is not overly academic, but theologically sound. He explains the deep truths of Scripture in a way that everyone can understand and apply. Whether you’re a Bible scholar or a brand-new believer in Christ, you will benefit, as I have, from Warren’s insights. With your Bible in one hand and Dr. Wiersbe’s commentary in the other, you will be able to accurately unpack the deep truths of God’s Word and learn how to apply them to your life.

Focusing on Faith (2 Kings 12—13; 2 Chronicles 24) 8. Nine Kings—Five Assassinations (2 Kings 14—15; 2 Chronicles 25—27) 9. A Tale of Two Kingdoms (2 Kings 16—17; 2 Chronicles 28) 10. The Making of a King—Part I (2 Kings 18:1—20:11; 2 Chronicles 29:1—31:21; 32:24–26; Isaiah 38) 11. The Making of a King—Part II (2 Kings 18:17—19:37; 20:12–21; 2 Chronicles 32:27–33; Isaiah 36—37; 39) 12. The End Is Near (2 Kings 21:1—23:30; 2 Chronicles 33—35) 13. The End Has Come (2 Kings 23:29—25:30; 2 Chronicles 36) Notes The Big Idea An Introduction to Be Distinct by Ken Baugh Do you know that you are a unique creation of God?

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