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By Mustafa Dikec

The connection among area and politics is explored via a research of French city coverage. Drawing upon the political considered Jacques Rancière, this booklet proposes a brand new time table for analyses of city coverage, and offers the 1st finished account of French city coverage in English.

  • Essential source for contextualizing and knowing the revolts taking place within the French ‘badland’ neighbourhoods in autumn 2005
  • Challenges overarching generalizations approximately city coverage and contributes new learn facts to the broader physique of city coverage literature
  • Identifies a powerful city and spatial size in the shift in the direction of extra nationalistic and authoritarian coverage governing French citizenship and immigration

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Adopting such an approach has three implications for looking at urban policy. First, rather than insisting on the self-evident quality of banlieues as given objects of intervention, I look at the ways in which they were constituted as objects of intervention with an associated discourse that carries the authority of state’s statements. To put it in Rancière’s terms, I look at the sensible evidences that were put into place in the constitution of banlieues as objects of intervention. These include policy documents, spatial designations, mappings, categorizations, namings and statistics, all of which contributed to the consolidation of a certain spatial order and a particular way to think about it.

However, this restructuring also carries the signs of the strong state tradition in France, influenced by the idea of the ‘republican state’ and its social obligations towards its citizens. One of the lessons that the French case offers is that established political traditions affect forms of neoliberalization and state restructuring. I maintain, therefore, that such restructurings are best understood as articulations of ‘the neoliberal project’ with established political traditions, an articulation I try to capture, for the case 32 BADLANDS of France, with the notion of the ‘republican penal state’.

They were built mainly, as noted, in the peripheral areas of cities where land was available and cheap. 2 These housing estates initially did not accommodate deprived populations; they, rather, had inhabitants with stable incomes. By the end of the 1960s, each city, regardless of its size, had at least one neighbourhood composed of such housing estates (Jaillet, 2000), referred to as HLMs. The HLM, French social housing, was conceived for low-income families, although large numbers of middle-class families lived in such estates in the early post-war period.

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