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By John Hagee

In Avengers of Blood the dramatic clash among ancient Christianity and historical heresies parallels the resurgence of Gnostic and pagan ideals within the past due 20th century less than the guise of the recent Age circulation. the plot additionally offers with social issues--such a baby abandonment, sanctioned by means of Roman legislation in a manner that would contact the hearts of pro-life Christians today.

As the tale maintains, published from his exile on Patmos, the apostle John units out to convey his apocalyptic writings to the seven church buildings of Asia. however the aged apostle's protege, Jacob turns clear of his name to the ministry on the way to search revenge on his family's persecutor.

His sister Rebecca, needs to confront her emotions for the unbelieving attorney employed handy her past due father's property. Will she stick to her center or sacrifice like to persist with God's will? Rebecca's illegitimate son, Victor, is destined to turn into a revered pastor who needs to conflict enemies either in and out the church.

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Similarly, at the beginning of the Pythian section (179–206), Apollo rouses the gods to music and song, while Zeus and Leto sit in delighted silence at the sight of their son (204–206). 34 Of these, the only substantial speeches are those of Leto and Delos, whose exchange represents a harmonious example of female compromise: Leto beseeches Delos to accept Apollo, Delos rejoices but voices some concern that Apollo will eventually take his temple elsewhere, and at Delos’ request Leto swears an oath by Earth, Heaven and the Styx that her son’s temple will remain upon the island.

After two relatively lengthy accounts in direct speech by the young gods of their respective positions, Zeus’ response is instead represented indirectly, as he orders his two sons to be reconciled and Hermes to show Apollo where the cattle are hidden (391–394). Apollo immediately accepts his father’s commands with a nod of the head and the trickster Hermes is also persuaded (νεῦσεν δὲ Κρονίδης, ἐπεπείθετο δ’ ἀγλαὸς Ἑρμῆς· | ῥηϊδίως γὰρ ἔπειθε Διὸς νόος αἰγιόχοιο 395–396). Zeus therefore issues the effective and needed commands, but the exchanges between his competing sons are nonetheless given emphasis through their more vivid presentation in direct speech.

Persephone does not herself respond in direct speech, but the conciliatory words of Hades, as a rare instance of speech between male and female characters in the poem, underline the theme of reconciliation on a number of levels: reconciliation of Zeus’ plans with the desires of Demeter, generational reconciliation as Persephone comes of age, and the reconciliation of male and female which will mark the return of fertility to the earth. 29 As for Zeus, he admittedly remains aloof and never condescends to speak directly to Demeter—at the end of the poem he sends his mother Rhea to recall Demeter back up to heaven after her reunion with Persephone (460–469)—but their eventual reconciliation is essentially achieved in the compromise offered in Hades’ speech.

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