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By Keith Sidwell

This e-book presents a brand new interpretation of the character of previous Comedy and its position on the center of Athenian democratic politics. Professor Sidwell argues that Aristophanes and his competitors belonged to opposing political teams, every one with their very own political schedule. via disguised comic strip and parody in their competitors' paintings, the poets expressed and fuelled the political clash among their factions. Professor Sidwell rereads the important texts of Aristophanes and the fragmented continues to be of the paintings of his opponents within the mild of those arguments for the political foundations of the style.

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This is not necessarily unequivocal evidence, since the ancient scholia are notoriously unreliable. Nonetheless, it does betoken a search for the motif and, thus, it is reasonable to believe, the discovery of a really obvious example of it (though it does not tell us anything about Eupolis’ objectives in presenting it, which may not have been straightforward either). As to joking at bald men (540), Eupolis had included someone called t¼n jalakr»n (‘the bald man’) in a list in his Chrysoun Genos (fr.

EÎpoliv m•n t¼n Marik n prÛtiston pare©lkusen –kstr”yav toÆv ¡met”rouv ëIpp”av kak¼v kakäv, prosqeªv aÉt graÓn meqÅshn toÓ k»rdakov oÌnecì, ¥n FrÅnicov p†lai pepo©hc ì, ¥n t¼ k tov ¢sqien. e²qì í Ermippov aÔqiv –po©hsen e«v ëUp”rbolon, Šlloi te p†ntev –re©dousin e«v ëUp”rbolon, t‡v e«koÆv tän –gcel”wn t‡v –m‡v mimoÅmenoi. 555 But ever since Hyperbolus gave them something to grab hold of, they have been continuously trampling the poor fellow and his mother. First of all Eupolis dragged him on stage as Marikas, a wicked refurbishment of our Knights by a wicked man, giving him as a sidekick a drunken old woman, just to get in a kordax, the very woman invented ages ago by Phrynichus, the one being eaten by the sea-monster.

Relying upon herself ’ seems to suggest an implicit rebuttal of claims that he had copied from – or collaborated with – another poet, such as those made in reference to Knights at Cratin. Pytine fr. 213 and Eup. Baptai fr. 89. The fact that he will make this type of attack upon Eupolis at 553–5 tends to support this interpretation (see further below). ‘Relying upon its words’ can be related to Aristophanes’ claim in the parabasis of Peace (749–50) that he has built up a great art with, among other things, ›pesin meg†loiv ‘great words’.

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