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By Shuichi Hasegawa

The Jehuite Dynasty governed greater than 90 years (841-747 BCE) within the nation of Israel, the longest dynasty within the historical past of the Northern state. below the 5 kings of the dynasty, Israel was once thrown into the sector of the nearby political struggles and skilled the time of an extraordinary upheaval after which loved nice prosperity. The Aramaeans below Hazael and Ben-Hadad of Damascus and the Assyrians from the north Mesopotamia had nice effect at the background of the dynasty. This booklet is the results of a complete and up to date old learn in this major dynasty. by way of consulting the entire to be had Assyrian, Aramaic, Hebrew, and Moabite inscriptions and up to date archaeological info, this research noticeably evaluates the old authenticity of the biblical textual content of two Kings and a few components of the Books of Amos and Hosea and integrates the implications into the old dialogue. The research unearths the nice value of this dynasty within the historical past of the Northern nation as a turning element in its coverage towards the Neo-Assyrian Empire and should give a contribution towards figuring out the historical past of Syria-Palestine within the 9th-8th centuries BCE.

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3) 2 Kgs 9:7b, 29, 37; 10:6b. ” ™# = š{ K š{ 'f–y /’ –1¡0C˜ &6š~ fL! { —' -f¡! #! vš ’' :/„ ™ ¡! ™ k† š %’ =™ 6K š +r — :š g’ –'¡+˜ T+˜ /x ˜ +’ U'k† – %’ f™ /’ œ † :š '/¡+ „ – ˜ K! ™ ':… — gš ! – ’# œ y šQ# 5 ª4 š +’ E– =/ :/… ™ ¡! { š#! x#! x#! #! { œ $)š ’# =œ $… Vš ªK! —' T+† ™ /š K:x / ’ œ Q ™# :6Li ˜ ˜ #'kx š %’ =™ K/'g† – šQ ™# Lv ’ C– f'„ – šv C™ K3 { 9’ =’ –QÛ #™ =L r+4” ]™ ! ™ -:ۄ˜ E¡+ -:L'¡+ r š ˜ 'fx – /’ –1¡0C˜ &6† š fL! } —' :i—y 9™ =’ –Q# 14a -:L! | 4š y +’ E– =/ œ „ :š C’ :/œ—~ f !

8b, 9, and 10a are repetitions of 1 Kgs 21:21-22a and 2 Kgs 9:36. Würthwein 1984: 325; Campbell 1986: 36-41; Barré 1988: 11; Minokami 1989: 53-55; Otto 2001: 42, n. 58 with earlier literature. There is a close similarity between 2 Kgs 9:16a and 1 Kgs 18:45b. These two passages are the same except for the subject (Ben-Ruven 2004). +3:$' (+'# % ):'#. Na‫ގ‬aman (2008: 205) ascribed the latter to an editorial statement. A brief history of the discussion is found in Barré 1988: 11-13; Long 1991: 114-117.

15. The Eradication of Baal’s Cult (10:25b-27) The passage describes Jehu’s eradication of Baal’s cult. An etiological note in 10:27b – “and made it (the house of Baal) a latrine to this day” – does not seem to be the original end of the OJN. A close similarity between the verses 10:18-25a ȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱ 61 62 63 64 Schmitt 1972: 22; Timm 1982: 137-138; Würthwein 1984: 338; Hentschel 1985: 48; Barré 1988: 20, 33; Minokami 1989: 56-57; Otto 2001: 46. The following three points attest that v.

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