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By LeRoy Creswell

LeRoy Creswell's reference handbook has eventually been reprinted. it is a lengthy past due, nice, reference publication. How frequently have you ever sought for conversion tables and equivalents lists? This booklet is a compilation of graphs, tables and charts. offers info on water chemistry this kind of vapor strain solubility of nitrogen and so forth. densities and salinities, density in freshwater at varied temperatures and so on. Converts devices of strength, geometric formulation, decimal equivalents, devices of size, centigrade to Fahrenheit, ft head and water strain (PSI) and so on. includes enrichment formulations similar to "F" enriched seawater, Provasoli's formulation, gentle saturation for microalgae, utilizing a hemacytometer and so on. Hatchery details equivalent to; variety of eggs according to fluid ounce, oxygen intake, nitrification charges, UV efficiency, toxicity degrees and so on. Plumbing requisites, drill and faucet sizes, warmth move, mechanical homes of assorted development fabrics and so forth. foodstuff com!

position of feeds, and so forth. category of soil debris, chemical compounds for disinfect ponds, rotenone required to kill, Secchi readings, circulation for given time and so forth. chemical compounds and coverings and so forth. initially bought for $90-$100, yet as a result of new printing concepts it's being provided at a significantly reduce price.

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O FRESHWATER MEDIUM (Van Baalen, 1967) Useful for culturing blue-green algae (Cyanophyceae) AoomVE CONCENTRATION MACRONUTRIENTS MeSOt. ili. 0102/1 Major nutrients are added as salts, or can be dissolved in stock solutions in appropriate concentrations. Aliquots of these stock solutions are then added to the final medium before bringing the medium up to volume. 5. W. Nichols. R. S FRESHWATER MEDIUM (Stein 1966) This medium is useful for culturing blue-green algae (Cyanophyceae). It is made from three stock solutions and a micronutrient solution.

E. Richardson (1962) f. Lewin,J. (1966) g. H. R. F. Blankley, In: J. R. (U Cyclotella SD. (2J Hanzchia marina Ntmicula incerta Navicula SD. Nitzschia sp. Phaeodactylum tricomutum (3) Phaeodactvlum tricomutum (4) Skeletonema costatum Thalassiosira fluviatilis Thalassiosira SP. Boekelovia sp. galbana Nannochloris oculata Nannochlorovsis salina Chlorella ellipsoidea Chlorella stigmatovhora Chlorella vulgaris .. Dunaliella tertiolecta Eudorina elegans GloeoC1/stis SD. Heterosigma sp. OOC1/stis vusilla Palmella mucosa Scenedesmus SD.

Dispense aseptically into sterile containers. C. J. Wynne,lratrodllClion to the Algu; 1978) 38 TABLE 3-11: HUGHES, GORHAM, AND ZEHNDER'S (1958) MEDIUM This media is suitable for culturing a variety of freshwater algae. O Hughes, P. 7H20 {l\Jp. 21-bO Ab(SOili • I<2504. 241-bO (Source: H. C. Bold and M. J. 8 (continued on page 40) 39 (continued from page 39) Autoclave ferric citrate separately and add aseptically after medium has stood for 24 hours. To prepare solid media, equal volumes of double-strength mineral base and double-strength agar are separately sterilized and combined after cooling to 48°C.

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