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By Rex A. Dunham

The genetic development of fish for aquaculture and similar fisheries is a box of study that has noticeable substantial advances lately. but there was no booklet which supplies an obtainable evaluate of the topic earlier. The booklet fills this hole within the literature. The contents comprise polyploidy, sex-reversal and breeding, gene mapping and advertisement functions.

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In some cases, this caused fusion or adhesion of sperm, resulting in dispermy, and apparently could also suppress expulsion of the second polar body. Among failed procedures is the application of ether. Ether alone or in combination with hydrostatic pressure did not result in triploid induction in rainbow trout (Lou and Purdom, 1984). , 1989). , 1989). Hydrostatic pressure (Fig. 1) produces more consistent results, survival of treated eggs and per cent triploidy than temperature shocks and other treatments (Cassani and Caton, 1986a; Bury, 1989).

1998). Treatments of 300 µM of 6-DMAP for 15 min for blocking polar body II yielded the highest percentage of triploids, but none of the veligers survived. Treatments of 100–150 µM for 15 min to block polar body II gave 46–54% triploids and allowed 90–95% survival of the trocophores. Both heat and cold shocks can be effective for producing triploid mussels, Mytilus edulis (Yamamoto and Sugawara, 1988). , 2000b). However, Zhang et al. (2000a) concluded that 6-DMAP was more efficient than CB for producing triploid Pacific oysters.

Delaying fertilization of ovulated grass carp eggs did not affect the rate of triploid induction (Cassani and Caton, 1986a). Strain or family effects may have a bearing on polyploid induction efficiency. The strain of rainbow trout may react differently for different temperature shocks to induce triploidy (Anders, 1990). This is not surprising because one might expect genetic differences in rates of embryonic development that might affect optimal parameters for ploidy manipulation. Additionally, Blanc et al.

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