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By Dennis Abrams

Profiles the lifestyles and occupation of the writer Anthony Horowitz.

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This illustrates Anthony’s technique: when you are able to laugh at something, it will no longer be quite as scary. There was a time when Joe had liked his granny and had looked forward to her visits . . But as he grew older, he had begun to notice things about his granny that he had not noticed before. First there were the physical details: the terrible caves in her wrists where the skin seemed to sag underneath the veins, the blotchy patches on her legs, the whiskers on her upper lip and the really quite enormous mole on her chin.

He had long fair hair that hung in greasy strands over a rather sickly looking face dotted with acne. His right ear was pierced twice with a silver ring and a stud shaped like a crescent moon. The boy could have been handsome. He had bright blue eyes, full lips and a long, slender neck. But he looked hungry and dirty and there was something about his expression that was pinched and mean. Right now he was standing outside the caravan, staring at Tad through a small window. Tad opened his mouth to cry out.

I had no training, no real idea of what I was doing. It was a little bit of a nightmare . 32 In writing the books though, Anthony was in complete control. And control, having the final say on your work, is essential to a writer or to any artist for that matter. So although Anthony at this stage of his career was earning the majority of his living by writing for television, he relished the control that writing books could give him. : Television is collaboration. When you write for television you are not necessarily writing what will appear on the screen because the director may not direct the actors to say the lines the way you wanted them to be spoken; the clothes person may dress the characters in a different way to what you saw; the props master may buy different sorts of guns or pens to what you had imagined; and the set dresser may decide not to build the set the way you thought because it’s too expensive to go to Murmansk.

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