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By Victoria Sandilands, Paul M. Hocking

How bird are housed and controlled to be able to verify profitability, sustainability, and strong degrees of animal welfare are the demanding concerns that advertisement chicken keepers face, really the place laws is bringing approximately felony necessities for housing. This ebook compares and contrasts replacement housing with traditional and standard structures for advertisement chook (laying hens, meat chickens, turkeys, waterfowl and gamebirds) almost about welfare, ailment, health and wellbeing, foodstuff, sustainability and genotype-environment interplay.

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2008) as well as low locomotor activity (Bessei, 2006). The main characteristic of an alternative production of broiler chickens and turkeys is a comparatively low growth rate. In fact, this is the pre-condition to enable the birds to benefit from alternative production systems. The European Commission was clearly aware of this fact when laying down the rules for marketing standards for poultry meat (CEC, 2008) since increased minimum age at slaughter was implemented for different alternative production systems.

Official Journal L 241, 13/07/2004, p. 0021. European Convention for the Protection of Animals during International Transport (revised). Official Journal of the European Communities L241, 13/07/2004, pp. 00220043. Council Directive 91/628/EEC of 19 November 1991 on the protection of animals during transport and amending Directives 90/425/EEC and 91/496/EEC. Official Journal L 340, 11/12/1991, pp. 0017-0027. Legislation and Assurance Schemes on Alternative Systems for Poultry Welfare 31 Council Directive 95/29/EC of 29 June 1995 amending Directive 91/628/EEC concerning the protection of animals during transport.

3). This Convention, known as the Treaty for Animal Protection (TAP), requires keepers of intensively kept farm animals to have a 'duty of care' to their animals. It is based on the principles that the environment and management have to meet animal needs rather than trying to adapt the animals by procedures such as mutilations like beak trimming. The Protocol of Amendment to the Convention for Protection for Farmed Animals (ETS 145, 1992) extended the scope to extensively kept animals not dependent on automation and introduced new requirements on biotechnology, breeding procedures and genetic selection.

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