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By Chris Ryan

Mission: Earthquake Survival

Tough education or even harder missions have grew to become the 5 participants of Alpha strength right into a bold workforce. whereas honing their survival talents within the Belize jungle the crowd interrupt a raid on a Mayan tomb - and needs to abort their education and go back to town. yet catastrophe is ready to strike - a major earthquake devastates the realm, trapping Alpha strength and a bunch of schoolchildren amid the particles. The crew needs to race opposed to time to find and rescue the survivors.

Another nail-biting experience within the Alpha strength sequence, from the bestselling writer and ex-SAS hero Chris Ryan.

Includes Chris's most sensible SAS pointers on facing an earthquake situation.

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It was angry. Hex felt its tail touch his foot and crashed into Li as he darted away. Amber took deep breaths. It was like standing on a mine – one false move and someone could die. ‘OK,’ she said. ’ ‘We all run away and you stay standing there,’ said Hex. ’ asked Alex. ’ Li shook her head. ‘They can move lightning fast. ’ Amber had a flashback to the night before: the donkey’s screams. It had gone on for hours. That was how long it had taken to die. ‘We’ll have to kill it,’ said Hex. ‘Paulo, you’ve got a machete.

They got back in formation and walked on. In the jungle, they knew that you could become disorientated if you didn’t have complete confidence in your map and your navigators. It was easy to lose track of time. It was monotonous terrain – the same kinds of trees, the same kinds of animal noises, hour after hour. Even though Paulo was alert, when he saw the landscape change, he felt like he had been shocked out of a sleepwalk. ‘What’s that? Over to the left? ’ The others followed where he was pointing.

Not bad. ’ Alex smiled.  . ’ Amber was looking at Hex’s low wall. ’ said Hex. Amber shrugged. ‘We’re going to eat, drink, sleep and – er – do other things here. It doesn’t seem very respectful. ’ Paulo started tracing the wall. It ran for some distance in a straight line. ‘I don’t think this is a tomb. ’ He came back and eased his bergen off. ’ Hex took his bergen off too. It was a relief to put it down – and let the air get to the sweaty patch of material underneath it. ’ Paulo swung his arms to loosen his shoulders.

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