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By Thomas M. Achenbach (auth.), Benjamin B. Lahey, Alan E. Kazdin (eds.)

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We can therefore neither take the responses (whatever their true meaning) as direct reflections of the target child, nor avoid the problem of interrater reliability by appealing directly to a priori validity criteria such as standard nosologic categories. Although a great deal of psychometric bootstrapping has gone into the PIC, its commercially available, computerized interpretive statements are mainly reiterations of the parent's responses or are based on cutoff points having particular correlates in samples of convenience not representative of standardized diagnostic groupings (d.

Jenkins, R. L. Fundamental patterns of maladjustment: The dt/namics of their origin. Springfield: State of Illinois, 1946. Himmelweit, H. Cited in H. J. Eysenck, The structure of human personality. London: Methuen, 1953. Hobbs, N. ). Issues in the classification of children. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 1975. Hobbs, N. An ecologically oriented, service-based system for the classification of handicapped children. In S. Salzinger, J. Antrobus, & J. ). The ecosystem of the "sick" child. New York: Academic Press, 1980.

However, except for its greater attention to specific fear items in the formulation of a treatment plan, this approach does not differ much from the classical psychometric approach to assessment of personality and psychopathology. 55 with scores on the CMAS (Scherer & Nakamura, 1968), which, as we saw earlier, is a dubious measure of anxiety. Although the behavioral approach has brought a salutary emphasis on objectivity and specificity in the assessment and treatment of behavior disorders, translation of the behavioral paradigm into practical as- ASSESSMENT AND TAXONOMY OF CHILDREN'S BEHAVIOR DISORDERS 21 sessment and taxonomic procedures (ironically) raises problems of reliability resembling those of the psychodynamic paradigm.

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