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By J. W. Hopewell, W. Calvo, R. Jaenke, H. S. Reinhold, M. E. C. Robbins, E. M. Whitehouse (auth.), PD Dr. Wolfgang Hinkelbein, Dr. Gregor Bruggmoser, Prof. Dr. Hermann Frommhold, Prof. Dr. Michael Wannenmacher (eds.)

Biologists and radiotherapists current their experimental paintings and medical information within the box of radiation accidents of standard tissues and organs. specific regard is payed to the relevance of organic mechanisms in medical occasions. ideas of radiation harm and mixed therapy toxicity in radio-chemotherapy are being defined. the most subject matters mentioned are the significance of microvasculature, time, doseand fractionation and components editing medical radioresponse for early andlate radiation results. Tissues and organs thought of during this quantity are mucosa and dermis, lung and middle, bladder and muscle, CNS and eye. certain difficulties of pediatric radiotherapy, TBI, IORT and moment malignacies also are mentioned.

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1986). Additionally, Fig. 1 includes data from experiments using 8 higher-dose X-ray fractions plus top-up and full courses of X-ray fractions (no top-up) for comparison. The isoeffect level chosen for the analysis in Fig. 5 (see above). The linear-quadratic (LQ) model has been used successfully in previous studies (Douglas and Fowler 1976) to describe this relationship. Thus the survival of the underlying target-cell population is given by E' = -log(SF) = n(ad + Pd 2 ) (1) where SF is the surviving fraction, d is the dose per fraction given in n fractions, and a and p are constants in the model which together describe the shape of the survival curve: a higher ratio of alp indicates a more "linear" survival curve and correspondingly less effect of fractionation.

Of Germany Introduction The aim of curative radiation oncology is to destroy all tumor cells without producing major damage in normal tissues. As early as 1936 the radiologist Hermann Holthusen related such uncomplicated local tumor control to tumor response on the one hand and normal tissue tolerance on the other (Fig. 1). Holthusen showed that both the probability of eradicating carcinoma of the skin and the probability of developing telangiectasia as a late normal tissue reaction increase as a sigmoid function of radiation dose.

Late renal damage was assessed from typically 25-40 weeks postirradiation, using decreased clearance of EDTA from the plasma, reduction in hematocrit, and increased urine output as endpoints (Joiner and Johns 1988). 3 urination events per day in unirradiated age-matched animals (Stevens et al. 1991). The studies on lung by Parkins and Fowler (1986), cited in Fig. 4, used breathing frequency to assess an acute phase of lung damage at about 28 weeks postirradiation and mortality as an endpoint for a late phase of damage by about 48 weeks postirradiation.

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