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By Fumiko Enchi, Roger K. Thomas

A story of fake Fortunes is a masterful translation of Enchi Fumiko's (1905-1986) smooth vintage, Namamiko monogatari. Written in 1965, this prize-winning paintings of historial fiction provides another account of an imperial love affair narrated within the eleventh-century romance A story of Flowering Fortunes (Eiga monogatari). either tales are set within the Heian court docket of the emperor Ichijo (980-1011) and inform of the ill-fated love among the emperor and his first consort, Teishi, and of the political rivalries that threaten to divide them. whereas the sooner paintings will be considered principally as a panegyric to the omnipotent regent Fujiwara no Michinaga, Enchi's account emphasizes Teishi's the Aristocracy and devotion to the emperor and celebrates her ''moral victory'' over the regent, who conspired to divert the emperor's attentions towards his personal daughter, Shoshi.

Roger Thomas' complete translation makes to be had for the 1st time in English what's thought of the best paintings by way of certainly one of Japan's glossy masters of prose.

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No doubt, it must be painful for him to think that he has disappointed you and Korechika this time. And, of course, his majesty misses your affection. But think, too, of what will become of the prince who is sure to be born eventually. Korechika is very talented, but there is something weak-spirited about him, and as a politician he is no match for our uncle. But I’ll be able to help our brother. I may be young and of low rank now, but one day when the prince you’ll bear grows up, I’ll be his advisor and wield as much power as our uncle.

Even if she doesn’t hear about it, there are already many in the emperor’s household who criticize the empress’ palace as too modish and as lacking in refinement, and they would not think well of it. . ” “I’m sure you don’t have to worry about that. Even if someone were to tell the emperor’s mother about it, I assure you that she would not make an issue of it. . But if Kureha is present to witness his majesty’s intimacy with the empress, her own Chapter One c 35 passions will no doubt be aroused.

Senshi, the Higashisanjò empress dowager, was of all people both surprised and displeased to hear news of the proclamation. Through her feminine intuition, the empress dowager sensed that someone was pulling strings behind the scenes for the emperor to have made an immediate decision on such an important governmental affair without consulting her, his mother. That “someone” was Empress Teishi, who, the empress dowager was convinced, had bent the emperor’s heart to herself using the caressing and servile looks of an elder sister, and who was tearing the emperor away from his mother.

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