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By David J. Fekete

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But to someone in your academic department, you may wish to talk about Ovid, himself. Isn’t it better to find areas 41. Longus, Daphnis and Chloe (New York: Penguin Books, 1989), p. 27. 36 Chapter II. The Lover’s Coach and the Apple Fallen from Plato’s Tree: Ovid and Aristotle of commonality than to be a bore and attempt to force an appreciation of traits one’s partner isn’t interested in? I was about to conclude, but — the hearts of girls! How they differ! Use a thousand means, since there are thousands of ends.

So, if the higher elements in their minds prevail, and guide them into a way of life which is strictly devoted to the pursuit of wisdom, they will pass their time on Earth in happiness and harmony; by subduing the part of the soul that contained the seeds of vice and setting free that in which virtue had its birth they will become masters of themselves and their souls will be at peace. 34 This discussion of Platonic love outlines his ethics. Reason should dominate and moderate “desire and its mixture of pain and pleasure, and fear and 32.

But couples who have been together for a long period will tell you that a lasting romance takes effort. Ovid says it is not enough to trust nature to keep the flame alive. We must act artfully. We can say and do hurtful things if we allow inappropriate spontaneous reactions to burst forth. Words spoken in anger are difficult to take back. Ovid says that to hold on to love requires as much art as finding love. It is by art that Ovid will pin down the flighty wings of Cupid: Give the victory cry, and give it over, and over!

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