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By Bill T. Arnold

This ebook is great for the coed of Biblical Hebrew. on occasion, many starting scholars don't totally study the foundations of syntax within the first couple of semesters of Biblical Hebrew, and it isn't till the scholar starts to learn in higher point sessions that the basics of syntax are really important. This ebook meets the necessity for a concise advisor for syntax, explaining in basic methods how issues resembling the waw verbal sequences and the various makes use of of prepositional prefixes paintings in sentences. the reasons are extremely simple, and a pupil who has played appropriately in a single or semesters of Hebrew should have no hassle discerning the phrases and lingo of Hebrew grammar and syntax. The publication is largely a hugely abridged model of Waltke and O'Connor's Biblical Hebrew Syntax, a thick and crucial quantity that scholars probably want to graduate to upon gaining knowledge of Arnold and Choi's smaller volume.
I have used this booklet relatively generally in my very own exegesis sessions (Dr. invoice Arnold is one my profs) and it has served me rather well. therefore, i like to recommend it to any scholar of Hebrew that wishes reinforcement of their figuring out of Hebrew syntax.

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For caveats on Goetze’s arguments, see Kaufman 1996, 281–82. Richter 1978, 73. 1 Stem 43 of the action, though with a patiency nuance rather than an agency nuance (as in Hiphil). The foregrounded interest is not the event that happens to the subject, but rather the condition attained by it. It is for all practical purposes an adjectival causation predicate. ” The distinction is between causing to be something or to do something. 21 This factitive use of the Piel designates, without regard to the process, the bringing about of the state depicted by an adjective.

YÄÑ h0r… °Ä hfm, “Come, let us look one another in the face” (2 Kgs 14:8), wyd… ;≈ wyl√ WrV]à°[, “his servants conspired with one another against him” (2 Chr 24:25), yj5 rœDæ y [r•0™, “I heard someone speaking with me” (Ezek 43:6). ° IY©, “Yhwh was very angry with Israel” (2 Kgs 17:18). 6 Hiphil (the H stem) The Hiphil is the “causative (with agency nuance) active” stem. Unlike the Piel causative, where the focus is on the 30 On the special nuances of Alh in the Hithpael and the possibility that it is an “Akkadianism” borrowed into Hebrew, see Waltke and O’Connor 1990, 427–29.

YU dx… WnO» hb, “standing here with us today before Yhwh our God” (Deut 29:14 [Eng 29:15]), hlπLæU høp Wnyp, “stay here tonight” (Num 22:8), tx h‰. ¡YU ytI aLk, “this time I have sinned” (Exod 9:27). äÿ©, “He [King Eglon] rose from his seat” ( Judg 3:20). 7 Numerals Numbers in BH are written as words, rather than represented graphically as with the Arabic digits used in English 61 It is often assumed that Hebrew’s definite article originated from a prefixed pronominal with demonstrative force, explaining its occasional demonstrative use in BH as a vestige of its history.

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