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Burritt was thought to have coined the 7 Algol name from alpha (A, for first or foremost) and gena (knee) because he had located the star near the “right foreleg” of the constellation. , the Constellation aircraft and Polaris intercontinental ballistic missile). ARPA formally approved the name in June 1959. SOURCES . SP-4402, pp. 6–7; W. F. Whitmore, “AGENA: The Spacecraft and the Star,” Lockheed Missiles and Space Co. research paper, January 16, 1969; Dick Bissinette, Andrews AFB, letter to Judy Gildea, NASA, March 27, 1963; R.

The term was created by the Air Force as a proprietary word staking out the atmosphere and the space above it as a single realm. ” The major rival for those space dollars was the Army, which saw space linked to the Earth, the platform that allowed one to get into space. This lexical power play was demonstrated by Gen. Thomas D. White, then Air Force Chief of Staff, testifying before the House Astronautic and Space Committee on February 3, 1959. “Aerospace,” he told the committee, “is a term which may be unfamiliar to some of you.

H. McLaughlin’s Space Age Dictionary (1962) and several other early glossaries. Along with “astronautess” and “cosmonette,” it was among the shortest-lived of the new terms. When American women finally did go into space, they were called astronauts, just as the first Soviet woman in space was called a cosmonaut. S. piloted space program was Project Astronaut, but the name lost out in favor of Project Mercury. FIRST USE . “The NASA said that the portion of the earth shown is what an astronaut pilot would see from an altitude of 120 miles above Cuba” (“Dummy Space Capsules Given Air-Ocean Tests,” Los Angeles Times, March 27, 1959, p.

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