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By Anthony C. Thiselton

With over 300 entries and subentries on every thing from agnosticism to Zen philosophy, this authoritative encyclopedia from one of many world's most famous theologians explores the entire significant subject matters within the philosophy of faith. Entries establish key thinkers, phrases, arguments, and ideas. the quantity additionally contains a worthy chronology and an index of names. This encyclopedia was once formed via years of scholar suggestions. Anthony This elton requested scholars what issues, thinkers, and difficulties in philosophy of faith they discovered such a lot stimulating and the place they wanted support, rationalization, and clarification. The ensuing quantity may help different scholars navigate their reviews with higher ease. it's also a convenient reference for these looking easy access to details on a specific individual or notion.

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In other cases, the Platonic philosophical frame, within which much of his thinking developed, yielded constraints. Thus many would detect too great a readiness to accept, and to work within, a mind–body dualism, and an over-sharp contrast Austin, John L. between the contingent and the universal. Yet his theology served to qualify this. The Incarnation and resurrection of Jesus Christ stood as the rock that separated Christian faith from Neoplatonism. Austin, John L. (1911–60) Austin was a leading exponent of ‘analytical’ or ‘Ordinary Language’ philosophy.

XI: 23). This is not unrelated to the Neoplatonist and Plotinian view of form as presupposing difference in the process of creation. The ‘orderedness’ of the created world yields necessary variety and unevenness: ‘What is more beautiful than a fire? What is more useful, with its heat, its comfort . . , XII: 4). The world as such is good, but it contains potential for the possibility of evil when evil choices misuse it. 25 The theme of structured order, in contrast to the chaotic and contingent, finds coherent expression no less in On the Trinity.

Even if I have full ‘assurance’ of faith, ‘I assent to any article of faith, so that I may steadfastly venture my all upon it, [yet] it is still but believing. Bring it to certainty, and it ceases to be faith’ (Works, 12th edn, London, 1824, III: 274–5). Belief, for Locke, is based on revelation. ‘Faith is to assent to any proposition . . upon the credit of the proposer, as coming from God . , IV: xviii, 2). Knowledge, on the other hand, depends on perceptions of the world. Wolterstorff convincingly argues that book IV of Locke’s Essay Concerning Human Understanding is Locke’s ‘centre of gravity’.

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