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By Yair Hoffman

The major methodological thesis of this examine is that the publication of activity, greater than the other ebook within the Bible, might be handled as a creative paintings within which shape and content material can't be separated. for that reason, a great acquaintance with the literary facets of the e-book, together with its relatives with different old close to jap texts, is a precondition to the certainty of its theology. The deep constitution of the ebook is that of a catalogue-which is a key to realizing its method of the matter of theodicy. The tough language of activity is scrutinized, and is proved to be an unique and immanent attribute of the e-book. A synthesis of the literary, linguistic and theological features of activity results in its paradoxical-not absurd-definition as 'a blemished perfection'.

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However, despite the fact that these methodological assumptions seem to make sense, when they are used in practice by Reddy to reconstruct the 'original' edition of the book of Job, results are obtained which it is difficult to accept. The following, for example, are the conclusions regarding the original 6. For additional proposals for reconstruction see, among others Tur-Sinai 1941. In the second edition (1972), he is more cautious about making statements concerning the 'correct' structure of the book.

2nd Cycle: Job-Eliphaz-Job-Bildad-Job-Zophar. 3rd Cycle: Job-Eliphaz-Job-Bildad-Job- ii. Seven of the eight speeches of the three friends are at least twenty verses long, while Bildad's speech in the third cycle (ch. 25) is only six verses long. Below are the number of verses in the speeches of each of the friends: Eliphaz Bildad Zophar 1st Cycle 2nd Cycle 3rd Cycle 48 22 20 35 21 29 30 6 0 4. 1, a different formula appears: 'And X again took up his discourse, and said'. See on this Chapter 8. 3.

Thus, in order to arrive at a position regarding the essential question—namely, whether 'lack of order' in the book of Job demands exegetical involvement, or whether the very fact of such involvement constitutes an excessive degree of interference—we require greater familiarity with the literary conventions upon which the book was shaped. But as the present text may be corrupt, it is impossible on its basis to provide a definitive answer to the question of the literary conventions of the original book, apart from the general characteristics cited above.

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