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By Anne Rooney

Obtained a thirst for wisdom of all issues nasty? Then this yuckopedia’s for you! A workforce of sketch characters courses you thru a ceremonial dinner of festering proof so terrible they’re tough to believe.
Featuring gross truths in regards to the human physique, nutrition, animals, historical past, technology, or even global files in horribleness, it’s a true schooling in all issues rotten . . . input ye no longer, these of a susceptible structure . . .

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In France, rats found in wine cellars were sometimes cooked in a sauce flavoured with red wine, over a fire of burning wine barrels. The Aztec dish tlacatalalli was a stew made from corn and human beings. In the 1800s, naturalist Frank Buckland served meals such as mice on toast, roasted parrots and stewed sea slug. He tried to make soup from an elephant’s trunk, but even after several days’ cooking it was still too chewy. ECA6087C-5717-411 -85E9-72349D E15C2 Birds nest soup is a delicacy in China.

Horrible Food Facts Cibreo is an Italian dish that consists of the cooked combs from roosters. 52 1001 Horrible Facts Some Arctic explorers have been poisoned by eating polar bear liver. The polar bear eats so much fish that fatal levels of Vitamin D collect in its liver. A restaurant in Pennsylvania, USA, offers a hamburger that weighs 4 kilograms (9 pounds). No one has yet managed to finish one. The Chinese make a soup from the swim bladder of fish. It’s the organ that helps fish to stay at the right depth and upright in the water, and is rather spongy.

7 litres (3 pints) of urine a day. 5 times its dry length. The sores caused by the disease typhus can rot the flesh, sometimes causing toes and fingers to drop off. ECA6087C-5717-411 -85E9-72349D E15C2 If you took all the nerves out of an adult’s body and laid them end to end they would stretch 75 kilometres (47 miles). But the adult would not be pleased. Horrible Body Facts Sweat doesn’t actually smell – it’s the bacteria breaking it down that produce the pong. When you sleep, you aren’t blinking so there is no way to sweep away the mix of water, oils and other chemicals that wash over your eyes.

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